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The ACT (American College Testing Assessment) is an all-multiple-choice test given five times a year at various locations. It is an examination designed to measure academic achievement in four major curriculum areas: English, mathematics, reading, and natural sciences. Materials covered on the four tests that make up the ACT Assessment correspond very closely to topics covered in typical high school classes. Many colleges and universities use ACT scores as part of the admissions process.

The ACT test doesn't test your intelligence, and it doesn't necessarily reflect your high school grades. It is a predictable test and can be well prepared through practice. This is what this Web site is about. When you complete reading through this Web site, you will know exactly how to prepare for the ACT.

To perform well on the ACT, you need to find out ahead of time what you'll be expected to know or do and to think about how you can use your unique abilities to your best advantage.

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  1. When Should You Take The ACT?

  2. How Many Times Should You Take The ACT?

  3. How to Register for The ACT?

  4. How should You Make ACT Preparation Plan?