How to Register for The ACT?

You can usually get an ACT test registration packet from your high school counselor. If no registration packets are available, you or your counselor can write or call ACT for them.

The ACT test registration packet includes a copy of the booklet Registering for the ACT Assessment. The booklet describes the steps you need to take to register for the ACT test and lists the deadlines.

You can also register online ( or through ACT's College Connector, if that software is available at your high school. Or, if you are in high school and have taken the ACT Assessment on a national test date within the last two years, your record should be available for re-registration by phone. There is an additional fee for using the telephone service. Complete instructions, fees, and phone numbers are listed in the registration booklet. If you register on the Web, through College Connector, or reregister by phone, you must pay using MasterCard or VISA.

No matter which method you choose to register, ACT will send you an admission ticket to confirm your registration and to give you specific information about where and when to report to take the test.

If you miss the late registration deadline but have a pressing need to test on the next test date, you can try to test as a "standby" examinee. Testing as a standby is more costly, and you are not guaranteed a seat or test booklet. If you decide to take your chance as a standby, be sure to follow the instructions for standby testing in the registration booklet exactly. You must bring a completed registration folder and fee payment with you to the test center, along with acceptable identification. Standby examinees will be admitted only after all registered students have been seated.

On the day of the test, arrive at the test center by 8:00 am. Remember to take the following items:

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