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The SAT quantitative comparisons questions are probably not like any other math questions you've ever seen. These questions present you with two quantities; one quantity is presented in Column A, and the other in Column B. Your job is to decide which quantity is greater, whether the two quantities are equal, or whether no comparison is possible. There are only four answer choices for this question type, and they are always the same. The directions for quantitative comparisons questions are as follows:
Directions: For each of the following items, compare the quantity in Column A with the one in Column B and determine whether:

    (A) the quantity is greater in Column A
    (B) the quantity is greater in Column B
    (C) both quantities are equal
    (D) no comparison can be made with the information given

    (1) Information concerning one or both of the compared quantities will be centered between the two columns for some of the items.
    (2) Symbols that appear in both columns represent the same thing in Column A as in Column B.
    (3) Letters such as x, n, and k are symbols for real numbers.
    (4) Do not mark choice (E), as there are only four choices.

Reference information is also provided on the test page. Click here to view it.

Make sure that you have memorized the directions precisely, especially when it comes to choice A and choice B. Check the directions again if you don't feel 100% sure. Do not mark (E) because there are only four choices. It will be a disaster if you solve the questions correctly but get choices in the wrong way.

View the examples below and memorize the directions above.

Column A Column B Answers

10 percent
of 500


5 added to x
x subtracted from 5

You don't always have to finish your calculations or determine an exact answer. You just have to know enough about the quantities to determine which is greater.

More testing strategies for quantitative comparisons questions will be discussed in the later section "SAT Strategies".

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