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The SAT grid-in questions (student-produced response questions) are the only SAT questions that don't give you the answer. Filling in the answer is your job. You do the calculations, and you write the information in on a special part of the answer sheet. You do this by filling in ovals that correspond to your answer. The directions for grid-in questions are as follows:
Directions: Solve each of the following problems and write the arithmetic value of your answer in the open spaces at the top of the correspondingly numbered grid on your answer sheet. Then grid your answer by blackening the ovals that correspond to the decimal point, fraction line, and numbers in your answer.

Notes: If a question has more than one correct answer, grid only one of them.

To grid , use 4.25 or . Do not use as it will read as .

None of these answers requires a minus sign.

Answer may begin in any grid column.

Decimal answers should be entered with the greatest accuracy allowed by the grid.

The calculator helps a lot here. Without answer choices to choose from, you may make careless mistakes. For that reason, you'd better use your calculator on this section to avoid unnecessary errors. Although it's not suggested that you write your answer in the boxes above the grid, do so to avoid gridding errors. Fill in your chosen ovals completely and boldly so the machine can read them right.

More testing strategies for grid-in questions will be discussed in the later section "SAT Strategies".

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