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This Web site was designed to be as user friendly as it is completed. Its design is contemporary and its voice is approachable. Ideally, you should take a couple of days to read the content of the "Basics", "Questions" and "Strategies" sections before starting practice.

If you are going to take the SAT, you can skip the sections about the ACT. If you plan to take the ACT, you can skip the sections about the SAT. If you haven't decided whether to take the SAT or ACT, read the "SAT or ACT?" section (Section 10). This section may help you to make the decision.

If you need to read a particular page, you can access the page from the left manual buttons. Simply click on the buttons, and you will see the page titles listed below the buttons. On the right margin of the pages are some special test-prep features:

NOTES highlight critical information about the test preparation -- things you need to know.
CAUTION where you need to be wary of a common pitfall or test-taker trap -- things you need to pay special attention to.
TIPS draw your attention to valuable concepts, advices, and shortcuts for tackling the test -- things you need to remember.

Once you feel that you have understood the content of all the pages and memorize the notes and tips, you can sit back for a while, and then get ready for the toughest but most rewarding part -- practice in the user login section "Practice Area".

If you haven't registered, click on the "SignUp" button on the top right of any page to register. If you are a registered user, go to the home page and login to the member area. For unlimited practice, click on "Payment" button after registration.

The practice area is customized to suit your specific practice needs. You can take simulation tests under timed condition, or practice any particular type of questions of which you need to improve your testing skill. Once you complete a practice segment, a customized report will generated to show your current testing results and historical testing statistics. Such information is important for you to adjust your preparation focus.

The questions you have missed will appear in your next test. If you can't get them right in the next test, they will appear again until you get them right. This function will make sure that you won't make the same mistake in the real exam. Keep it in mind that there is no other way for you to improve your SAT or ACT scores, but to practice, practice and more practice!

We strongly suggest that you go back to the "Strategies" pages once in a while during your practicing, and read the page contents again. You will have a better understanding about the strategies every time you re-read them.