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Choosing colleges is really a two-way process. You choose the college, and the college chooses you. Even if a college meets your requirement, you might not meet theirs. You don't want to choose a wrong college where you will spend your next four years, neither do you want to waste your time, money and hope by making an unrealistic choice. When you set your mind on particular colleges, you should immediately examine the admissions requirements of each school to determine which ones offer the most realistic opportunities for gaining admission.

The following are some college search sites that contain college admissions information.

  • All About College contains College Web site addresses, college contact Email and college online chat rooms.
  • Campus Tours provides virtual tours of thousands of college campuses. You can tour your target school without actually being there.
  • CollegeDegrees is a directory of colleges and has a college search function.
  • College Board Online contains a large database of college profiles and scholarships, etc.
  • CollegeNet provides college search, scholarship guide and admissions info, etc.
  • College Spot has a college search function and links to the news sites of many colleges.
  • CollegeXpress provides information including admissions advise and financial aid.
  • StudentAdvantage is a comprehensive colleges information Web site including student articles.
  • USNews provides a broad range of college related information such as college news and rankings, etc.
  • Yahoo! links to the admissions offices of 300 the most well-known American colleges and universities.
When you choose colleges, the information you want to know includes: admission requirements, college size, location, curriculum, faculty, job placement, cost and financial aid, housing/food, extracurricular activities and social atmosphere/student body, etc. Don't forget you can get a lot of information about a college by checking out its campus newspaper.

Whenever possible, contact the college admissions office a week or two ahead of time to arrange your on-campus visit. They can also help you set up meetings with faculty, give you directions to specific classrooms, or arrange for sleeping accommodations in a dorm. Their assistance can help make your visit more productive.

Be sure to do the investigation work before you decide to spend your next four years in the college. It'll be far more worth it.