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The Internet contains a great number of financial aid resources, including applications that you can file electronically, in-depth information about grants and loans, college connections, and scholarship searches, etc. Almost every financial aid agency that you'll deal with maintains a Web site that provides applications, deadline dates, news, and other important information that you need to know. There are also many "unofficial" Web sites that can also help you with researching financial aid; these sites often provide advice, tips, and tricks that the official sources won't give you. Check out the following Web sites: Some scholarship search services are excellent resources, but other are just scams. If somebody wants a lot of fees to conduct a search for you, watch out!

Always save a copy of your application and worksheet as a backup, whether filing electronically or submitting a paper form. The school may need to see these copies later, or you may need to refer to them if you find errors in your aid package.

Remember that the money from campus-based programs, and the college's own awards are often given out much earlier than the June 30 deadline for filing your FAFSA. Get your financial aid applications in as soon after January 1 as possible to have more of your need met.