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The SAT standard multiple-choice math questions look like all the other multiple-choice math questions you've ever faced, but they usually require some logical thinking to solve them. The directions for multiple-choice math questions are as follows:
Directions: Solve the following problems using any available space on the page for scratch work. On your answer sheet, fill in the choice which best corresponds to the correct answer.

Note: The figures accompanying the problems are drawn as accurately as possible unless otherwise stated in specific problems. Again, unless otherwise stated, all figures lie in the same plane. All numbers used in these problems are real numbers. Calculators are permitted for this test.

Reference information is also provided on the test page. Click here to view it.

There are four broad categories of problems in the math test: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Miscellaneous. The "popup" page lists the basic skills and concepts with which you need to be familiar in each of the four categories. "Be familiar with" means that you not only understand them, but also can apply them to a variety of math problems.

The following are some general tips you should know about solving mathematics questions:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the reference information.
  2. Use your test booklet for scratch work.
  3. Guess if you can eliminate at least one choice.
  4. If possible, redo your calculations in a different way.
  5. Try solving easy problems with variables by substituting numbers.
  6. Consider plugging in answer choices to help you find out the right answer.
  7. Use common sense to check your answer.
  8. If you have to do a lot of calculating, there often is a short-cut.
  9. If you're told that a figure is not drawn to scale, lengths and angles may not be shown accurately.
  10. Number and graphs are generally drawn accurately.
  11. Some seemingly hard questions are really just a series of easy questions. Take the solution one step at a time.
  12. Think through how you can solve each problem, and then decide whether to use calculator.
More testing strategies for multiple choice math questions are discussed in the later section "SAT Strategies".

If you want to start practicing now, click here to login "SAT Practice" section.