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Critical reading questions present a passage that you are to read and answer questions about. The questions follow the order in which information appears in the passage. The directions for critical reading questions are as follows:
Directions: The passage below is followed by a set of questions. Read the passage and answer the accompanying questions, basing your answers on what is stated or implied in the passage.
The passages are taken from different fields: the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Success in answering critical reading questions depends on your ability to understand and make sense of the information in a passage. It doesn't depend on any previous knowledge you may have about the subject.

Passages vary in style and can include narrative, argumentative, or expository elements. Each test also contains a pair of related passages presented as one reading section. One of the two passages supports, opposes, or in some other way complements the point of view expressed in the other. Like a lot college-level reading, the passages will be thoughtful and sophisticated discussions of important issues, ideas and events.

Some questions ask you to infer the meanings of words from their context, some questions require you to read actively to synthesize and analyze information and to evaluate the author's assumptions and techniques, and other questions require you to understand significant information presented in the passage.

Testing strategies for critical reading questions are discussed in the later section "SAT Strategies".

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