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Remember that only the answer entered on the grid, and not the answer hand-written at the top of the grid, is scored. You must decide whether to first write down your answer at the top of the grid and then transfer it to the grid, or to transfer your answer directly from notes in your test booklet, or in your head, to the grid. You should practice both approaches and see which one works best for you. You want to make sure you enter your answer correctly. While it might be more time-consuming to first write down your answer at the top of the grid, you may find this approach helps you avoid careless mistakes.

The following are some tips that may help you work better on the grid-in questions:

  1. Guessing and eliminating don't work here. Get your calculator ready for plenty of calculations.

  2. Practice with the answer sheet until you are extremely skillful with it. Practice with a variety of answer types - whole number, fractions, and decimals.

  3. Positive numbers and zero only. If your calculation results in a negative number or a number greater than 9999, wrong!

  4. Grid in your chosen oval boldly. Don't try to save your pencils.

  5. Check your answer again using a different method. Avoid careless mistakes.

  6. Check your answer using common sense, if possible. For example, "Can Mary run at 40 miles per hour?" or "Does it make sense that the prizewinner receive $15 in a national contest?"

  7. If you come across a question that requires lengthy calculation or seems too hard for you to solve, mark it, skip it and move on. Come back if you still have time.

  8. The most important advise for grid-ins? Don't be intimidated. You can do perfectly well after spending two months practicing at this Web site!

If you want to start practicing now, click here to login "SAT Practice" section. We suggest that you come back to this page and read the content again after you have spent 2 weeks of practicing. You will definitely have a better understanding about the strategies!