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This Web site provides you with the most comprehensive and usable test preparation guide and material. We hope that you find this site easy to use, and can actually learn to enjoy the practice. After all, knowledge is power. And by training at this Web site, you will become extremely knowledgeable about the SAT / ACT.

Remember, short-term practice at this Web site (4 weeks or sooner) helps you correctly answer all the questions you already can. But, it is the long-term preparation (2 months or longer) that can significantly improve your test abilities so that you can answer much more questions correctly, and can have the greatest effect both on your scores and on how well you'll do in college.

Here are the things you should do:

  1. Work on your long-term preparation.
  2. Start from the next page of this Web site and get familiar with the test.
  3. Make sure you understand and remember the tips and techniques at this Web site.
  4. Practice, practice and more practice.
  5. Continue to work hard in your school.

Now, you are already on your way to the test success. GOOD LUCK to you and read on!
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