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Some students always do better in the SAT than others. Yes, they have studied harder and practiced longer. But knowing the right strategies also plays an important role in their better test-taking. Follow the following test-taking tips and become a better test taker:

  1. Questions within a set go from the easiest to the hardest, and so should you.

  2. Guess when you can eliminate at least one choice.

  3. Don't lose points to carelessness.

  4. Check your answer sheet regularly.

  5. Pace yourself.

  6. Use your test booklet as scratch paper.

Relax the day before the SAT. Before you go to bed the night before the test, check through the list of things you need to take with you to the test site. Make sure your calculator has fresh batteries, eat breakfast, and head for the site.

Remember, after you practice at this Web site for 2 months or longer, you will give yourself the best preparation available for succeeding on the SAT. Let you preparation give your the confidence you need to be calm and focused during the test.