Don't lose points to carelessness.

No matter how frustrated you are, don't pass over questions without at least reading through them. Be sure to consider all the choices in each question. Take each question as it comes and avoid careless mistakes:

  1. Answer the question asked. If the question asks for the triangle degrees, don't answer with its area.
  2. If you can, use a different method to check your math answers. If you use the same method, you may make the same mistake.
  3. Whenever possible, use common sense to check your answers, such as "Can Mary run at 50 miles per hour?" If Mary can run at 50 miles per hour, she must be a truck!
  4. Keep moving, but not so quickly that you could make careless mistakes.
  5. Check the number of the question and the number on the answer sheet every few questions, especially when you skip question. Make sure that your answers are filled in the right places.
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